The bank will have to return the land clauses for free, in three months and with interest

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  • The Council of Ministers this Friday will approve a royal decree.
  • All banks will have to inform their mortgaged clients with floor clauses that there is an extrajudicial procedure to claim.
  • European Justice failed in December against the banks.

PP, PSOE and Ciudadanos have reached an agreement to force Spanish banks to return the amounts unduly charged by the mortgage floor clauses for free, retroactive, with interest and within three months.

This system of extrajudicial compensation , which will comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union on opaque clauses , will be approved next Friday by the Council of Ministers in the form of a Royal Decree Law, and not as a code of good voluntary practices, as banking intended.

It is not our decree law, but it is a decree law that is for the benefit of consumers. This will be submitted to the Congress for ratification, with the aim of bringing it into force as soon as possible. The PSOE will abstain in that vote after the Government, which had previously guaranteed the support of Citizens, has included in its initial proposal a package of improvements that will consolidate “all the rights” of those affected, as announced on Wednesday the spokeswoman socialist Justice in Parliament, Margarita Robles, and Economy spokesman, Pedro Saura.


“It is not our decree law, but it is a decree law that is for the benefit of consumers.It will come into force immediately and will serve so that they can exercise their rights quickly, but without renouncing, if they so wish, to go to the courts, “Saura detailed 20 minutes .

These are the keys to demand the reimbursement of floor clauses.

Where and how is it requested?

The bank itself will have to contact and inform the injured party. The Royal Decree Law will force them to set up a voluntary mechanism at no cost to all their clients, who will “always” be able to take their case to the courts if they believe that their claims are not taken care of properly.

When can it be done?

The procedure will take effect the day after its publication in the Official State Gazette. The banks will have three months thereafter to resolve the files and deliver the amounts.

How will they make the return?

Through deposit in account . The amount will include interest accrued from the signing of the mortgage. Any other compensation proposal that the entity makes (amortization of the outstanding capital, for example) must be in writing. The affected party may assess it for a period of 15 days. If you accept, you will have to sign a separate document.

Will I have to pay the Treasury?

No. The amounts will be exempt from IRPF taxation whether there has been an agreement with the bank or if the client decides to go to court. Treasury will not apply late interest, surcharges or penalties in the event that this income produces excess rent in the scales used to calculate the bonuses for acquisition of primary residence, reform works or other deductible expenses.

Should I go to court?

Should I go to court?

Spanish and European justice have already given the reason to consumers . And, although the claims on soil clauses have a victory for whistleblowers, both consumer associations and political parties discourage them. “Everyone is entitled to do so, but the sentence can be delayed in time,” insists Pedro Saura.

Will I have to pay the costs if I lose my mind?

The regulations do not exempt – in general terms – entities from the payment of costs. “If the consumer obtained a more favorable sentence than the offer received from credit institutions, the judge may impose the sentence,” the PSOE details.


How many affected are there?

There are no official calculations. Rafael Catalá, Minister of Justice, estimated it in 1.5 million hypothetical files. The platform raises it to 3.5 million . The Bank of Spain estimates that the impact on the sector can reach 4,000 million euros.

Are banks prepared for the process?

Are banks prepared for the process?

BBVA, Banco Popular, Bankia or Caixabank have reserved millions of euros in their balance sheets to deal with this contingency . Others, such as Sabadell, deny that its clauses were opaque, the reason that led the CJEU to declare them illegal. Minister Catalá believes that the bank lacks “enough people” to resolve the claims within the established period.

What do consumer associations say?

Adicae considers that the agreement between PP, PSOE and Ciudadanos leaves “open flanks” that benefit the bank, although this includes the majority of its claims . The OCU fears that it is the bank who really decides “who and how much they charge” of the amounts due for the floor clauses.

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They are similar to all the fast credits, the only thing that I see good is that if you return the quick money they do not charge you anything. In my case, I asked for it when I needed 7 days to get the payroll for a hurry and I was able to save my interest. That did not cost me anything and I avoided the embarrassment of asking for money from a family member.
I only recommend it in those cases because otherwise the cost is very high. That’s my opinion.

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Are online mini-credits the way out of our problems?


Online mini-credits continue to expand despite the reputation that has always accompanied them. There are many people who request them, but there are also others who distrust them due to the high interest rates of this type of Internet loans. There are reasons, which we will see below, that explain why the fees for these credits are higher. However, we must bear in mind that they are designed for very specific situations and that they could help us resolve according to what moments. Therefore, it is important that before requesting mini loans we know all the necessary information to use them responsibly.

3 mini-credits online to cover economic contingencies

The online mini-credits have acted as an economic relief for those people who during the crisis lost their ability to save and, therefore, their ability to solve economic contingencies. However, its success has extended until now that the economy is recovering slowly, therefore, it is possible to think that its business model triumphs beyond that context of crisis.

This type of companies that offer quick mini-credits do not have to be seen as a usual escape route to our financial problems, since they are not designed for it. However, if we are in a situation where we urgently need money because an economic setback has arisen that we can not cope with, mini-credits through the Internet can be of help . Therefore, if we are in a situation like this, we can resort to online loans that stand out from the market as the following:

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The mini online credits that we have just seen should be seen as an alternative when we seek funding for a situation in which we need money with great urgency. An example of this would be an invoice with a cost higher than what we expected and for which we have no solidity at the time to cover it. However, the repayment of a mini loan is made in a maximum of 30 days, hence they must be used as a punctual option. When we ask for this type of loans online, we must be convinced that in this short period of time we will get the money to pay off the debt. In this way, it could be the solution to our problems. In fact, we could even disburse the loan capital in advance to save interest.

In addition to the term, the cost of mini-loans is higher than in other types. But this is explained, among other things, because the company must compensate the risk assumed by offering money to customers that it does not know previously. Anyway, if we ask for a small amount, the cost of an online mini-credit will be affordable.

Tips for responsible employment of the mini online loan

Image result for responsible

As we have already mentioned, online mini-credits can be effective to cover certain expenses that we did not expect if we are aware that they must be reimbursed within a maximum period of 30 days. The key to requesting these loans online take us out of an economic hurry is to make a responsible employment of them. Therefore, we will see the following keys:

  • Obviously, the main thing is that we have clear that we only have to ask for them if the need is real, not as a frequent option.
  • Before requesting this type of loans online, we must study our ability to pay money on time and our level of indebtedness. We must bear in mind that it is not advisable to spend more than 40% of our income to settle debts .
  • We must be careful with the amount of capital that we request and with the established return period. It is not recommended that we ask for more money than we will use to cover the unforeseen, as the interests will be higher and we could complicate the return process.

In addition to making responsible use, there are ways to lower the cost of these credits:

If we are going to request mini-credits online, but we can return the money before the usual 30 days, we must contact the company to request that they allow us to amortize the loan in advance . Generally, most private equity companies allow us to make this payment for free.

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