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I need money offers quick credit solutions of up to € 400 immediately and with the possibility of getting the free mini-credit if it is returned within 10 days. The request is made through the Internet, without questions and confidentially.


First free credit
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With Asnef:
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Minimum term:
1 day
33 days
Minimum loan:
€ 1
Maximum loan:
€ 400

Additional information about Need Money

Image result for creditNecesito Dinero is a fast-payer mini-lender that serves urgent money needs through its web platform offering loans of up to € 400 instantly thanks to its automated risk assessment systems.

Necesito Dinero belongs to the European group Primrose Partners Limited that already operated in Spain under the brand ” Dispon” and now expands its presence with this new brand.

Now you can request a quick mini-credit of up to € 400 for a maximum period of 33 days, the request can be made at any time of the day through the Internet and the answer arrives in less than 10 minutes. If you have been granted the urgent money loan you need, it is automatically transferred to your bank account, without waiting. There are no questions about the purpose of money, you can use it for anything.

Necesito Dinero is one of the few companies that allow you to choose the exact amount of money you need and the exact days, and if you return the loan within 10 days you do not pay any interest or commissions, you return the same amount you have requested.

I need money, how do I ask for the loan?

To request the money only take 2 minutes , the first step is to access the website of Necesito Dinero and choose the amount of money you need between 1 and 400 € and the period in days between 1 and 33 days. The interest payable will depend on the chosen term. And you return the money within 10 days (regardless of the amount and the requested term) you do not pay interest.

After this step a new screen opens in which they explain the necessary conditions to grant you the mini credit such as being over 18 years old, not being in ASNEF, having a bank account and a debit card in your name and having an email account and a mobile phone number. If you meet these few conditions click on accept and then fill in the form with your personal and contact information . At the end of the form you must enter a password to access the private area of ​​Necesito Dinero from which you can manage your loans.

After completing the application, you receive a response within 10 minutes and if the credit is granted, it is immediately transferred to your checking account so that you can use the urgent money you need, quickly and easily. The credits of Necesito Dinero are easy and without papers.

Requirements you must meet to request your credit

The conditions demanded by Necesito Dinero to be able to ask for one of their loans are very few but they must be strictly complied with. If you do not meet any of the following requirements, it is better that you do not request the money because the operation will be denied:

  • Be of age.
  • Reside in Spain (provide ID or NIE to verify).
  • Have a current account in Spain.
  • Have a mobile phone number and email.
  • Do not appear on any list of defaulters.
  • Have a debit card.

It is not necessarily necessary to be working since they grant mini-credits to pensioners and unemployed people provided they have some source of income such as unemployment benefit or any demonstrable income. If you do not meet all the conditions you can find another company that requires less requirements, for this you can see our list of full quick credits to search with complete comfort the entity that will grant you the loan under other conditions that may fit better with your current situation .

I need money

Frequent questions

  • How long does it take to answer me after the application? : In the first loan you should study the credit risk and it can take about 30 minutes. In the following the concession in automatic and without waiting.
  • And in receiving the money? : if you have been granted the quick credit you will have the money in 10 minutes.
  • Why have I been granted less than the amount I ordered? : It may happen that after the risk study I need money I can approve an amount lower than the one requested in the quick credit.
  • Do I need a debit card? : It is a mandatory requirement to have a debit card linked to a bank account. The card is used to check the accuracy of the data by making a small charge of € 0.10.
  • How do I return the mini-credit to Necesito Dinero? : you can make an income or transfer to any of the accounts that appear in the customer area or you can make the payment by card from the I Need Money website.
  • Can I return it early? : Yes, you can return the loan whenever you want, you will also save on costs because you will pay interest only for the days you have had the money.

If you think you will not be able to cancel your loan on the date you chose, contact the company immediately to agree when you can settle it. But you should be aware that you will have a penalty for late payment and surcharges depending on the time you spend in paying off your debt.

Money from the loans of Necesito Dinero can be used for whatever you want, but remember that it is a product with high fees, which is designed for specific situations of need, not to use it regularly, since the cost of the service is high.



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They are similar to all the fast credits, the only thing that I see good is that if you return the quick money they do not charge you anything. In my case, I asked for it when I needed 7 days to get the payroll for a hurry and I was able to save my interest. That did not cost me anything and I avoided the embarrassment of asking for money from a family member.
I only recommend it in those cases because otherwise the cost is very high. That’s my opinion.

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