PayDay Loans

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When times are tough financially between paychecks you have two major options to earn money the first is to get a cash advance pay day loan or to ask your financial institution for a cash advance.

Some major banks offer cash advance to their loyal customers through online banking. You can log into your account, click the advancement link and request money that you will pay back the next time you make a direct deposit. Interest is a designated amount based on how much you borrow. For example, 10 dollars for everyone 100 dollars borrowed.

The second way to get a cash advance is to get a pay day loan. Visit a pay day loan store with your photo identification, proof of employment and references. After you fill out an application and are approved you will receive a cash or check on the spot. You repay the money on your next payday. Some banks will even let you apply online. It may take a day to be approved for the loan, but it is directed deposited into your bank account. The institution will ask that you set up payments that come directly out of your bank account on specified dates.