Women’s Care Cottage (WCC

Women’s Care Cottage (WCC), a Los Angles based nonprofit, helps homeless women and children move off the streets permanently and succeed independently in their homes, schools, communities and workplaces.

Operating out of 3 locations in North Hollywood, the agency offers among other things permanent and transitional housing, shelter, education & career services, computer training, trauma intervention, physical and mental health services, money management and childcare.

Women’s Care Cottage Is Taking the Lead / A Solution-Oriented Approach

Founded in 1985, the mission of Women’s Care Cottage is to help women and children (the most vulnerable and underserved segment of the homeless) move from streets to permanent homes and self-sufficiency. To accomplish this, WCC:

• Takes a ” Housing First” approach – minimizing a person’s stay in the homeless system by offering immediate access to housing.
• Blends housing with “wraparound” supportive services – a winning combination.
• Offers services customized to the age, gender and wishes of each individual/family.
• Prevents new persons from entering homelessness.